Q. Where will the photos be taken?

A. the photos will be taken in a purpose built studio in Baston, Lincolnshire.  Baston is in the middle of Bourne, Stamford, Deeping and Peterborough. 

Q. What should I dress baby in?

A. Your newborn baby can be dressed in its usual clothing as Chumba are likely to remove all of this in preparation for using our wraps or blankets.  Easy to remove clothing would be more convenient.

Q. Will there be changing facilities for baby on site?

A. Yes there will be full changing facilities for baby at the shoot, don’t worry about baby messing on us or in the studio, we are quite used to this and have the appropriate sanitising solutions to clean up after!

Q. Will there be an area to breastfeed on site?

A. An separate area can be used to allow for you to breast feed in private.

Q. Should I bring any food for us to the session?

A. You may bring food and drinks with you, but there will be a light lunch provided and a range of drinks available for the entire photography session.

Q. Are we able to bring siblings to the session?

A. Unfortunately due to the nature of the session, we cannot accommodate other siblings as they may cause distraction during the shoot.

Q. Are other family members such as grandparents able to attend the session?

A. Other adult family members may attend the shoot, but we do believe this session is to also pamper the parents and allow you to relax for the day as well. Sometimes other family members can cause distraction during the session, so we generally advise coming alone.

Q. What happens after the shoot?

A. Once the session is complete, we will work on the images to select the best 15 photos taken from the day. We will then invite you back for a viewing of the images and a discussion on which are your favourite and what possible pieces of art you may be looking for.

Q. Are other family members able to attend the viewing?

A. Yes we welcome anyone that you would like to bring to view the photographs